Turn My Home into a Billboard for Free Mortgage!

Yes, you heard it right. As home owners look for ways to creatively keep their mortgage payments current, Adzookie has found a way to compensate homeowners.

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Of course, this might not go over too well if your Homeowner’s Association has qualms about seeing a huge advertisement painted across your home. But this mobile advertising company has found a creative way to get their message out– by painting people’s houses. The deal is that your house has to be painted for a minimum of 3 months. But with a $100,000 budget, Adzookie’s dollar will only go so far and might only cover a portion of the mortgage unless yours is really cheap. More than 300 home owners have already applied for the program. The application process is short and sweet; you just enter your contact information and write a few sentences on why they should paint your home.

So there it is. Even in a bad economy there are ways to avoid foreclosure or just rack up the dough while your house note is paid. At the very least, this is a big attention-getter and is sure to garner a lot of media coverage.

Would you let a company paint and ad on your house for money?


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