More to Love in The Atlantic

Last weekend I found myself back at The Atlantic yet again, showing an interested buyer from London. As we revisited the property, I wanted to share a few reasons why I think it’s a great option for buyers who want to live in a highrise.

1. It’s in the heart of intown living

It’s right there in Atlantic Station with quick access to Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, and West Midtown. I like this a lot because it gives buyers easy access to the highway and they can easily get to desired destinations, shopping, restaurants, and attractions because of it’s location.

2. The clubhouse is immaculate

I like to entertain. In fact, that’s something I have in common with a lot of my buyers. And the amenities at The Atlantic give you the ability to do just that. The clubhouse is huge and spacious. Perfect for throwing a surprise birthday party (hint hint), anniversary event, or holiday bash.

3. The views are breathtaking

In my opinion, there are only a few specific locations around town where you get the best 360 degree view of the city. The Atlantic is one of those locations. The building is 40+ stories with clear views of the Atlanta skyline. And the great thing about The Atlantic’s view is that it’s very unlikely that anything will be built over the next 5+ years that would take it away. Everything developed around The Atlantic is lower and won’t build up. So when buyers are looking at that as a part of their investment, they can rest assured they will have and keep their view.

Ok, just sharing some random thoughts when we revisited The Atlantic.

What’s your favorite Atlanta highrise?


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