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Is Now Still a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Even though the supply is low and demand has increased, now still may be a good time to buy a home in Atlanta for most homebuyers. For one, interest rates are still relatively low. Though interest rates are not as low as they were six months ago, they are still pretty low compared to 5 years ago during the downturn of the housing market. Plus, you’ll still get tax advantages, the opportunity to build wealth and stable monthly payments.

Listen to Atlanta Real Estate Agent Chris “Willa” Williams of the Go Getter Team as he explains why now still may be a good time to buy a home in the Atlanta real estate market.

In the process of buying a home or thinking about buying a home? Share with us what you’ve experienced in the current real estate market.


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Winning in Atlanta’s Low-Inventory Housing Market

Photo Source: homefinder.com

Photo Source: homefinder.com

It was bound to happen. The abundant market of Atlanta homes for sale has been depleted, leaving behind plenty of frustrated buyers who are finding their Atlanta home search more challenging these days.

To be quite frank, the Atlanta homebuyers who are searching for deals on finished homes right now in the Atlanta housing market caught on just a bit too late. People who were looking to capitalize in the Atlanta home market and who had greater buying power devoured most of the deals. Now, other Atlanta homebuyers are left with slim pickings.

The Atlanta housing market has definitely seen a huge difference in the level of inventory since last year this time, and Atlanta real estate agents are scrambling to find suitable homes for their buyers. As a matter of fact, finished housing inventory in Atlanta is down by a staggering 30%.

Now that the economy is on the rebound and Atlanta housing prices along with the interest rates have crept up, Atlanta homebuyers have to be intently motivated and focused when searching for a home. If you’re one of those people or know someone in that boat, take note on how to deal with Atlanta’s low-inventory housing market.

First, you need to know exactly what you want out of a home. The path to getting what you want always starts with knowing what you want. Make a list of must-haves, rank-them and use this as a tool in making the decision to move forward or to move on. At the same token, be realistic considering the inventory available today in the Atlanta housing market. Are your expectations realistic? Are you being too picky? Do you have to have that fireplace in your Master Suite? In no way should you buy something that you can’t live with, but don’t expect your dream home with this level of inventory in Atlanta.

Get creative and be willing to ask. You may not have thought about searching rental listings, but that may be a good idea. Ask if the owner would be willing to sell. Maybe the owner wasn’t able to sell in Atlanta in the past and resorted to leasing. This may be their opportunity to unload an asset and your opportunity to get the home you want. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

Be prepared to move quickly when you find a winner. This means, having all of your finances in order. Money talks in offers and sellers will only entertain serious and qualified buyers. So by all means, make sure you are pre-approved, have earnest money and down-payment funds before you even look at houses in the Atlanta area. If you’re not ready and set to go, then you’re asking for the extra frustrations that will come along with being unprepared.

Lastly, don’t expect to get the deals that were on the Atlanta housing market a couple of years ago. If you remember anything at all from your economics class, you must remember that when supply is low and demand is high, suppliers have the advantage in pricing. Essentially, the days of slash and burn listings are long gone. That’s something for which we can all be grateful.

You must play to win, and the Go Getter Team will help you do just that in the Atlanta real estate market!

Share with us your home search experience if you’ve bought a home in the past or you are buying a home in Atlanta right now.




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6 Tips To Selling Your Home Faster


If you’ve heard the latest news about real estate, chances are it may have scared you off and held you back on selling your home. Here are a few tips that will help you sell your home faster!

Help Your Agent Market Your Home

Unfortunately in real estate, first-time homebuyers may judge a house based on the lack of photos it has. It’s in your best interest as an individual who wants to sell their home faster to post more pictures of your house and its many features. Studies show that listings with more than six photos increase their chances of their home being viewed by potential homebuyers. We often send professional photographers to our listings to take good photos for the listing.

Become a Video Blogger

Posting a walkthrough of your home on YouTube will help potential homebuyers visualize the many attributes of the home you are selling. Most of our smartphones today have the ability to record videos; this is a cheap but strategic way of opening your home to your community and potential homebuyers. This is helpful if you are a FSBO (for sale by owner). In many cases, agents who are registered with their local MLS, the MLS will also provide a virtual tour of the home based on photos taken.

Leave Good Appliances Behind 

It’s in your best interest to leave some of your valuable appliances behind like your stainless steel fridge, stove and even dishwasher. This gives your home a distinguishing feature that other homes on the market lack. Not only do you have a competitive advantage as an individual selling your home, but you may get the offer you’ve been waiting for. Leaving major appliances can also make good negotiation points once a buyer is interested in your home. In some cases, you might be able to negotiate the sale of your washer and dryer, or even furniture and electronics.

Fix the Eye Sores

There are many investment properties like foreclosures that are sold based on their exact condition. To differentiate your home for potential homebuyers, it’s best to have your home inspected for rodents and fix the scratches and nicks around your home. A prospective homebuyer will appreciate a well-maintained home that they are looking to buy.

Staging Is Beneficial

This could mean painting the outdoor of your home, maintaining the landscape and even adding furniture in your front and backyard that allows prospective homebuyers to visualize their life in this home. Entertaining and spending time outdoors may be a selling feature for many homebuyers so purchasing or renting furniture will benefit you in the long run.

Listen to Your Agent

It’s important to do your research and to find an experienced realtor that has a successful track record. Listen to their recommendations! When it comes to pricing your home, ask your realtor for the sales prices of three homes around your neighborhood. Calculate the average of all the prices and drop your price 10-15% lower than the other homes. This gives your home more viewings and a potential bidding war for your home!

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