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The Atlantic

Growing in popularity lately, I have received a lot of requests from some of my new clients wanting to see homes available at The Atlantic. The Atlantic is a 40+ story condo building located in the heart of Atlantic Station. It rests just between Midtown and West Midtown with it’s own zip code for the area.

Pool at The Atlantic Condos

image from atlantic residences

Some really nice features:

  • Floor to ceiling glass windows in many of the units.
  • More than 50 unique floorplans
  • Great value and price – homes start from the $280s
  • Luxurious lobby and common areas
  • Large fitness room and club room
  • Pool area with hot tub

From the time you witness the architecture of The Atlantic’s building style up to entering the lobby, it has a luxurious feel that is reminiscent of early 1930’s art deco style with a modern twist. As one of the newer high-rise developments in Atlanta, this one definitely tops the list for many of our clients who want to call this place home.


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Timing is everything!


time to buy or sell my home

When it comes to buying a home, timing is everything! As the home buyer, you’ve got to make a firm decision on when you want tobuy a home. In today’s market here in Atlanta, there’s an abundance of foreclosures and short sales. If you’re a buyer, I recommend that you start your home search process as early as 3-6 months before you are ready to close. The big reason behind this is that the increased inventory of foreclosed homes can sometimes require bank approval or coordination with the selling agent. Not only does that matter, but as the home buyer you want to make sure you have your down payment lined up, along with a pre-approval from your lender. I have a helpful home buying checklist. Just send me an email if you want to know what you should prep for.

On the seller’s side, timing is everything too! I often meet sellers who tell me they aren’t ready or willing to put their home on the market right now because the economy is bad……well, when is the right time to sell your house then? In Atlanta’s real estate market, the time is now. Home values won’t be improving much over the next 12 months so if you are seller thinking that you are “holding out”, don’t hold your breath. There will also continue to be an influx of homes being released on to the market by the banks. If you’re ready to sell your home, then sell it now and sell it at the right price. It takes a knowledgeable realtor with innovative approaches to market your home in today’s market. Our team specializes in working with seller’s to get homes sold at the best price possible.

Questions? Contact our office today because we’ve got answers.

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Why work with a realtor?

There’s a lot of reasons why it makes sense to work with a realtor when you are a first time homebuyer in Atlanta.  In most cases, this is one the biggest decisions you’ll have to make, so it’s crucial to decide on why it may benefit you to work with a realtor.

When we represent you as the buyer, you should know that:
a. There is no cost to you.
b. We represent you and meet your needs.
c. We negotiate for you.
d. We save time in your home search by making the process more convenient for you.
e. We set up your home appointments.


Remember, the realtor you work with is representing YOU and not the SELLER. This includes making purchases on newly built homes directly from the builder. The realtor in that sales office represents the BUILDER and will work in their best interest to negotiate a deal. Having an experienced realtor by your side can make all the difference when it comes down to negotiating big details and costs.

If you’re choosing a realtor, take the time to interview the realtor to determine if you all will work well together.  Below are the top 10 things you can look for in your realtor:

10 Things to Look for in Your Realtor
1. Provide you with top customer service during the entire buying process.
2. Organize and schedule your home search process.
3. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs.
4. Provide you with on-going updates on available homes.
5. Help you to compare homes and make a decision.
6. Advise you on the terms and issues of the offer and fill out the purchase offer contract.
7. Present your offer and negotiate on your behalf.
8. Coordinate and supervise the preparation of all closing documents and guide you through the closing process.
9. Help you resolve any closing issues.
10. Coordinate move-in and assist with any post-closing issues.

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